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The project emerged from the search to understand the city, more specifically the city of São Paulo, as a complex and diversified overlapping of social and political structures materialized in the physical space. The research was based from a personal look at places marked mainly by absences and abandonments.

The central area of São Paulo is a vivid portrait of the mismatch between the existence of empty and abandoned buildings in the face of the resounding housing shortage. With that said, the following question is made: are the occupations of empty buildings by housing movements really the problem?

When a space falls into abandon, it also occupies itself immediately. Emptiness is absence but it is also a space of possibilities for new uses.



Political stickers against the current government of Brazil. 

They are available for sale, either single or packs #ELENÃO and #FORABOZO, on instagram @picomju.

This project came from a partnership between two illustrators and the desire to express themselves artistically, each one with their own style, but everything mixed all together.

COLLAB    Bru Marie



A project that aims not only to denounce the police violence and abuse of authority in Brazil, but also to expose the harsh reality that millions of Brazilians, considered voiceless and invisible, suffer almost daily.

The flag used here is a visual symbol representative of a population erased from society and it carries stories of violation on the right to life (each piece has an image of a real victim of police violence in Brazil). It is a  position  

against the dehumanization and trivialization of evil.

Creative Conscience Award Winner 2021



Development of the visual identity of a plant store, “Patch Plants”, in the United Kingdom. The briefing was present at the You Can Now (YCN) competition (

The campaign “The Patch Way to Colour Your Day” revives the Patch’s delivery model by celebrating its transformative and socially connecting force. It reassures new customers of a safe nationwide delivery and links the journey of every plant with a cheerful and colorful imagery along the way. And the goal of this campaign refresh is to highlight the powerful-positive impact plants have on people’s daily lives, in their homes or workplaces, extolling their benefits and strengthening the brand connection with their consumers.